Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in collaborating on a Seanachai experience.

We are currently seeking five candidates who are looking to professionally design an intimate space in their home, and purchase furnishings. Please fill out the application form below to be considered for this initial beta phase. If accepted, we will match applicants to our in-house storytellers, individually trained by Scott Corridan, to build the relationship necessary in delivering a uniquely empowering personal space.

Our standard subscription fee of $249 per month – totaling $747 for a three-month minimum – will be waived in appreciation of your collaboration at this early adopter phase of launching Seanachai.

In order to qualify, you must have a minimum budget of $25,000 to invest in fulfilling the furnishing of one room. We appreciate your support and willingness in advance, and look forward to learning from you on how we can improve the ideas that have given launch to Seanachai.

Every application is reviewed by our executive team at Seanachai. Please note that we anticipate a large number of applicants and won’t be able to follow up on every application. We understand that you may have questions about our storytelling process, and will do our best to answer your inquiries.

You must be 18 years old or older to apply. If you are under the age of 18 and would like to nominate a family member, please have an adult complete an application on your behalf.

Part II This part is for our storytellers to get to know you and your style better. So fill out as much of it as you can.

Photos Please upload 3-5 photos of your space in its current state (please include wide shots as well as close-ups). One of your photos should be a wide shot of the entire house / rental building taken from the front. JPG or PNG files under 2MB only please.

Videos Optional - Please provide a url for your youtube/vimeo videos here.We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to introduce us to you, your family, your furry friends, your space and, your story. Ideally, you would film a 2-minute video introducing your family, and then film a separate 2-minute video giving us a tour of your space. Tips to keep in mind when making your video: Please place or hold your camera so it is horizontal (wide), not vertical (tall). Everybody looks better if the camera is slightly above eye level, rather than below. Please sit or stand in an area where the light hits your face, rather than having it behind you. Please turn off any music, air conditioners, or fans.

If selected to participate, you may be filmed, videotaped and photographed, and your name, image and likeness may be used in or to publicize our work. By signing below, you waive any rights of privacy or publicity in connection with this production and certify that all information stated by you on this Application Form is true.